Our World Famous “Candle Cake”

Most people are familiar with putting candles in a cake.  Have you ever enjoyed cake in a candle?  Amaze your friends and family with a truly unique Candle Cake. It looks like a real candle and the cake is unbelievably moist and tasty.
Candle Cakeon Glass Stand

Centerpiece Candle Cake on Glass Stand

The centerpiece pictured above is available for $75.   A 2- Pillar cake is $55 and $40 for single pillars. If your event calls for a larger number of pillars for a single display or multiples, we can discuss various options to fit within your budget.

Here’s an idea….Use my Candle Cake as an Edible Wedding Cake Topper. This is just what these newly weds did.  Great idea Keller’s!

The Bride’s Mother made the Wedding Cake as a replica to hers. The Bride fell in love with the Candle Cake, so they decided to add a little bit of modern flair and incorporated it as their Topper- Totally Unique!

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