Why SweeTreats?

Cake- a sweet, baked, bread-like food, made with or without shortening, and usually containing flour, sugar, baking powder or soda, eggs, and liquid flavoring.

It’s not a complex formula and once you get it right, you can automate the process and punch out hundreds of “cookie cutter” cakes every day. Each cake produced in the kitchen shown below looks and tastes just like every other cake made on the line.

Cake Factory

You’re right, the picture above was taken in the 1960’s and times have changed. Now, the process is computerized and there is far less quality control. The inscription on the cake seen below says it all-


Apparently, a certain Aunt Elsa was supposed to receive a custom baked (and messaged) cake from [name omitted] Grocery to celebrate her birthday, and as the part-English, part-Italian message was emailed into the Grocery store’s presumably automated printing machine, a bit of miscommunication ensued. Sure, it makes sense that the machine might not have been ready (or programmed) to handle languages outside of English, but surely someone actually looked at this thing before sending it out, right?

SweeTreats does not use robots or production lines. Our ingredients are measured, not dispensed, and no two of our cakes look alike.


When you purchase baked goods from most major grocery store chains or from the “big box” stores, there is a very good chance that you will be the first human to actually touch the cake, cookie, or other baked item.

Some people are surprised to find that our prices are higher than those found at grocery stores.  You might think that without the costs associated with automated production lines, laser guided robotic icing machines or the ability to bake a dozen cakes at a time and wheel them into flash-freezers, our prices would be lower.

From the video below, it’s easy to see why the costs are lower at grocery stores, look at the craftsmanship, attention to detail and personalization put into each item.

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