What are your Hours of Operation?
SweeTreats Cake Boutique is open by appointment only.  We do not have any cakes pre-made for sale.  Everything is made to order.  Most orders can be designed without a shop visit.

When should I book my Order?
If your event is on a weekend, we suggest you place your order at least 3-4 weeks in advance since weekends often book up more quickly. Please keep in mind, SweeTreats only accepts minimal orders per day to ensure your complete satisfaction.

When should I book my Wedding Cake?
Peak wedding season is April through October. If your wedding date falls within the peak season, we suggest you book three to six months in advance of your date. If your wedding occurs in the off-season, two to three months is sufficient. Please keep in mind, SweeTreats only accepts minimal orders per day to ensure your complete satisfaction.

I have dietary restrictions & food allergies. Can you help?
We do not offer vegan, sugar-free or gluten-free foods.  Our products may contain or come into contact with dairy, wheat, nuts, soy, and other allergens. Please notify your guests of this risk; we are unaccountable for any allergic reactions.

If I provide pictures, can you duplicate a cake I love?
Many cake decorators feel they are artists expressing themselves using cake as their medium.  Out of respect to my peers, I will not attempt an exact reproduction of another decorator’s cake but I will use it for inspiration to create a tasty work of art that is uniquely yours.

How far do you deliver?
We deliver up to 1-2 hour driving distance from Mechanicsburg, PA. Longer distance delivery can be arranged if time permits.

Is shipping Available?
Shipping is available for many items.  With few exceptions, shipping is via FedEx Priority Overnight; actual rates will apply (we do not add the cost of boxes or packing materials).  Your order will be packed as if it were being shipped to my Grandmother however, once we hand the package to the carrier, we are not responsible for loss, damage and/or delivery delays.

Is there a delivery charge?
Yes. The delivery charge not only covers our time and fuel costs, but set-up as well. Set-Up does not include stands or servingware. Delivery and Set Up is Free within a 10 mile ROUND trip radius of Mechanicsburg, PA .  For all Non-Wedding Orders there will be a charge of $30 within 30miles of Mechanicsburg, additional mileage over 30miles will be charged at $1 per mile round trip (Subject to MapQuest). Wedding Delivery is $50 within 30mi.  an additional charge of $1 per mile round trip (Subject to MapQuest).  Some cakes requiring elaborate set-ups may be subject to an increased set-up and delivery charge. A secure table must be provided, SweeTreats is not responsible after delivery is made.

­­­­­­­­What if I have more people coming to my wedding than expected and did not order enough cake?
Most people get their final guest count two weeks prior to their wedding date. At this time you should double check the amount of servings your contracted wedding cake provides. If your guest count is more than your cake serves, then you will want to order “Extra Servings” Cake or Cupcakes. An “Extra Servings” Cake is a separate cake that is brought to the kitchen at your reception facility when your cake is delivered. This cake will be constructed exactly as the tiers of your wedding cake with the same cake and filling flavors. The difference is that this cake is not decorated. Once cut and plated, your guests would not be able to distinguish between the displayed cake and the “Extra Servings” Cake. Please be sure to order the “Extra Servings” Cake or Cupcakes at least two weeks prior to your reception date. PLEASE NOTE: This service may not be available based on previously booked orders.

Do you offer food service?
At this time we do not offer the service of cutting and serving of the cake.

Do you offer “Display” Rentals?
We do have some display items that can be rented for your event. We also have a list of local rental companies that do offer various types of rentals. If you’d like SweeTreats to assist with those “One of a kind” displays don’t hesitate to ask, additional charge will be applied.

Who puts the flowers on my cake?
If you are using a florist for the flowers on your cake, you should ask them what they prefer to do, or if their schedule will allow them to arrange the flowers on the cake. Some florists like to put flowers on the cake, others do not.

At no charge, we will put a florist’s pre-arranged flowers on the cake. However, if loose flowers are ordered through your florist, you need to communicate very clearly to the florist and to SweeTreats who is responsible for arranging your loose flowers.

What about my cake topper?
In most cases, cake toppers should be brought directly to your venue or planner.  You will most likely be bringing other things to your reception hall the week of your wedding. (i.e.- place cards, serving sets, etc.) Just bring your topper with those items. Your planner will have it waiting at the cake table for us to put on when we arrive with the cake. We have found that the fewer people handling your topper, the better. If it is something we are making here, we will bring it with us. Please let us know if your cake topper is heavy and needs support. If you have any doubts about your topper’s suitability, you should bring it by before the reception date, so that we can look at it.

How do I Cut & Serve Cake?

When serving the cake with the cake knife cut a straight line across the back of the cake from left to right if you are right handed about 2 inches forward of the back edge of the cake. Don’t cut all the way from one side of the cake to the other. Leave about 2 inches on the end for support.

Cake Chart

If you are right handed begin cutting through the cake from right to left leaving about 2 inches intact on the right edge of the cake as shown on line 1. ( If you are left handed you reverse the instructions.) Begin serving pieces from the left edge. Cutting with the cake knife (line 2) and serving or transferring it to the cake plate with the left hand. Pieces that are on the outside curved edge must be adjusted larger to insure serving that guest an adequate serving of cake. Normal servings are 2″ deep and 1″ wide. You will notice that the servings on the right hand side of the cake diagram are then cut the other direction. This prevents that problem of the last piece of cake wanting to fall over before you are ready to remove it from the cake to a plate. All cake pieces remain attached to the cake until you are ready to cut them individually and remove them to the cake plate. All shapes of cake can be cut similarly.

Which Flowers are ok to use on a Cake?
No flower is safe to eat or use on or near food products unless it has been “Organically Grown”. This means no chemical herbicides or pesticides have been used on or around the plant. Rose fertilizers that contain systemic toxins are included in this category, as are any fertilizers of the weed-and-feed variety. “This also means that edible flowers that are brought home from nurseries and garden centers are not safe to eat or use on or near food products unless they have been grown organically or sustainably (without toxins). …For some people, eating pollen can trigger allergies or even asthma. To be safe, remove the pollen-bearing parts of each edible flower (the pistils and stamens). The sepals or calyx also should be removed from all flowers except the viola-violet clan (pansies, Johnny- Jump-Ups, violets and violettas).


Acacia Blossoms
African Violets
Almond Blossoms
Apple Blossoms
Baby’s Breath (Gypsophila)
Baby’s Tears
Bachelor Button petals
Banana Blossoms
Nasturtiums, Violets, Rose Petals
Boston Fern
Bromeliad Family
California Poppy
Chive Flowers (Chive Blossoms)
Christmas Cactus
Nasturtiums, Borage, Violets
Easter lily
English Primroses
Geraniums – Scented
Hawaiin Ti Plant
Ice Plant
Indian Cress (Tropaeolum Majus)
Jamaica Sorrel (Jamaican Hibiscus)
Johnny Jump-Up
Pansy, Violets
Lemon Blossoms
Lily Buds
Lily of the Nile
Maidenhair Fern
Mimosa Blossoms
Marigolds, Pansy
Orange Blossom
Peach Blossom
Plum Blossoms
Pussy Willow
Violets for crystalizing
Snake Plant
Squash blossoms
Tiger Lily
Velvet Plant – Purple
Nasturtium, Borage, Pansy
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